The ancient traditions that guide our Scottish-inspired, Celtic jewellery collections.

Celtic Jewellery

Preserving a culture

Through a unique combination of historical and contemporary designs, Aosdàna continues an ancient tradition of Celtic art and craft on Iona, an unfinished line of Celtic jewellery that runs through the Book of Kells to Iona artisans Euphemia and Alexander Ritchie, to Iona silversmith Iain MacCormick, and on to the present day.


From the Aosdàna workshop we continue to use the same techniques as our predecessors to craft the Celtic jewellery designs that have remained so popular over the years. Each piece is hand finished and hallmarked with the Scottish standard of quality at the Assay office in Edinburgh, reflecting the care and attention only fitting to this legacy. The history of St. Columba and Celtic Christianity, the Book of Kells and the intricately carved medieval stones of Iona Cathedral and Nunnery are all echoed in the patterns and forms of our heritage Celtic Iona jewellery collection, sustainably produced in the UK using recycled silver, with options coming soon to purchase in single mine origin gold.

Recycled Materials


Whilst acknowledging this wonderful work, Aosdàna also showcases exclusive contemporary Scottish jewellery, created in response to Iona’s stunning landscapes, sea views and coastlines.

Carefully curated collections of Celtic silver and gold jewellery by some of the UK’s most innovative designers, and featuring hand cut Iona stones from its shores, bring our crafts and design heritage up to the present moment.

These hand finished, bench produced Scottish handmade jewellery collections reflect quality in both design and execution whilst delivering a promise of sustainably and ethically sourced materials.