The cross is a deeply meaningful symbol and each one in this collection is inspired by the rich legacy of stone carving to be found on Iona. The designs are drawn from the high standing crosses of St. Martin and St. John and the collection of carved stones to be found around the Abbey cloisters and in the museum. Myth and legend surrounding St. Columba play their part in the cross designs, as do the complex interlacements and symbolism from the Book of Kells. The gift of a cross whether to oneself or another is a personal and often important act and we are happy to advise you in your choice.

Nunnery Cross Large $157.20

St. Margaret's Cross $158.40

Round Cross $116.40

St. Columba's Pillow Large Iona Marble $195.60

Nunnery Cross Small $111.60

Nunnery Cross Large 9ct Gold $882.00

St. Columba's Pillow Cross, 9ct Gold $591.60

St. Columba's Pillow, Small Iona Marble $158.40

St. Columba's Pillow Large $124.80

St. John's Cross, Large $205.20

St. Columba's Pillow Cufflink $214.80

St. Martin's Cross, Large $208.80

St. Columba's Pillow Cross $114.00

St. Columba's Pillow Small $82.80

St. John's Cross, Small $111.60

St. John's Cross, Small, 9ct Gold $660.00

Cross Charm $57.60 - $91.20

St. Margaret's Cross $853.20