Perfectly balanced. The three in one, a symbol of unity and continuity, the Trinity is one of the most enduring of Celtic knots and is found in many of the traditional designs by Ritchie and MacCormick. Influenced by the carvings in the Abbey cloisters and the Book of Kells, these pieces still have as much presence today as when originally created.

Tree of Life Pendant $151.20 - $170.40

Tree of Life $212.40

Trinity Knot Pin $182.40

Zoomorphic Trinity Earrings, No.1 $109.20

Zoomorphic Trinity, No.1 $74.40 - $88.80

Zoomorphic Trinity Earrings, No.2 $116.40

Oval Trinity Charm $57.60 - $91.20

Oval Trinity Cufflink $170.40

Zoomorphic Trinity, No.2 $79.20 - $94.80

Trinity Knot Earrings $104.40

Trinity Knot Charm $57.60 - $91.20