Beth Legg is an award-winning Scottish jewellery designer, who has exhibited throughout Europe, Asia and America. Drawn to remote and quiet edges of Scotland’s landscape her jewellery is powerfully influenced by the bleak beauty of the Highlands and Islands. Beth’s range of silver jewellery for Aosdàna has been inspired by the basalt rock structures of the island of Staffa where she spent some time drawing and photographing the geology of the island in 2001. The design echoes the hexagonal columns of the island and depict the beautiful curves and sense of movement found in the rock structures which were created when cooling flows of lava came into contact with the bedrock. We are delighted to show Beth’s Staffa range of jewellery, each piece reflects the quality of her craftsmanship and creativity and is a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection.

Curved Staffa 16" Necklet $247.20

Curved Staffa 16" Necklet, Oxidised $247.20

Curved Staffa 18" Pendant $108.00

Curved Staffa 18" Pendant, Oxidised $108.00

Curved Staffa Brooch $234.00

Curved Staffa Brooch, Oxidised $234.00

Curved Staffa Earrings $120.00

Curved Staffa Earrings Oxidised $120.00

Heavyweight Staffa Ring by Beth Legg (Oxidised Silver) $183.60

Heavyweight Staffa Ring by Beth Legg (Silver) $183.60

Lightweight Staffa Ring by Beth Legg (Oxidised Silver) $158.40

Lightweight Staffa Ring by Beth Legg (Silver) $158.40

Small Staffa Stud Earrings $57.60

Small Staffa Stud Earrings, Oxidised $57.60

Staffa Basalt 18" Pendant $108.00

Staffa Basalt 18" Pendant, Oxidised $108.00

Staffa Basalt Brooch $234.00

Staffa Basalt Brooch, Oxidised $234.00

Staffa Basalt Cufflinks $183.60

Staffa Basalt Cufflinks, Oxidised $183.60

Staffa Basalt Earrings $120.00

Staffa Basalt Earrings, Oxidised $120.00

Staffa Stud Earrings $94.80

Staffa Stud Earrings, Oxidised $94.80

Twisted Basalt 18" Pendant $82.80

Twisted Basalt 18" Pendant, Oxidised $82.80

Twisted Basalt Stud Earrings $94.80

Twisted Basalt Stud Earrings, Oxidised $94.80