The unbroken line, a never-ending interlacement is the most predominant motif of Celtic art and it has fascinated great artists from da Vinci to Durer. Wonderfully complex in their original forms, our jewellery designs are inspired by the carvings in Iona Abbey and illustrations from the Book of Kells, comprising foliage and abstract animal forms known as zoomorphics. The notion of Eternity, which they are thought to symbolise is equally abstract yet endures in our imaginations.

Broad Zoomorphic Bangle, Dark Finish $196.80

Celtic $130.80 - $150.00

Broad Zoomorphic Bangle, Light Finish $196.80

Broad Zoomorphic Open Bangle, Dark Finish $182.40

Spiral $138.00 - $157.20

Broad Zoomorphic Open Bangle, Light Finish $182.40

Broad Zoomorphic Ring, Dark Finish $133.20

Round Knot Charm $57.60 - $91.20

Broad Zoomorphic Ring, Light Finish $133.20

Narrow Zoomorphic Bangle, Dark Finish $164.40

Round Knot Cufflink $170.40

Narrow Zoomorphic Bangle, Light Finish $164.40

Narrow Zoomorphic Ring, Dark Finish $108.00

Narrow Zoomorphic Ring, Light Finish $108.00

Special Edition Charm Bracelet $502.80

Round Knot Earrings $104.40

Standard Charm Bracelet $390.00

Zoomorphic Christening Bangle $166.80

Starter Charm Bracelet $158.40

Cross Charm $57.60 - $91.20