Hold a stone of Iona in your hand and you hold the history of the world. The whole fabric of the island is created from some of the oldest stone we know. Too old even for fossils, Iona has become famous for its serpentine, collected as a talisman for centuries. Known as Columba’s tears or mermaid’s tears the greenstones are a prized reward for whiling away a day or two along the island’s shores. Equally beautiful is Iona’s white marble and the quartz intruded sedimentary stone found on the south west side of the island. Each piece of our stone jewellery begins with a search for these treasures, a lovely task, which we are happy to carry out for you.

Iona Beach Stone Cufflink, Silver $346.80

Iona Marble Cufflink, 9ct Gold $987.60

Set Iona Greenstone Charm $147.60 - $164.40

Component Necklace with Iona Marble $462.00

Component Necklace with Iona Pebble $462.00

Double Iona Pebble Pendant $376.80

Iona Pebble Pendant with Grey Enamel and Ridged Hoop $373.20

Iona Pebble Pendant $306.00

Sea Green Enamel Pendant with Iona Marble $369.60

Sea Green Enamel Pendant with Iona Pebble $369.60

Iona Pebble Reflection Earrings $322.80

Iona Pebble Concave Drop Earrings $394.80

Iona Greenstone Ring $326.40

Iona Beachstone Ring $326.40

Iona Marble 9ct Yellow Gold Pendant $739.20

White Iona Marble Ring $313.20