Iona greenstone rings

Hold a stone of Iona in your hand and you hold the history of the world. The whole fabric of the island is created from some of the oldest stones on the planet. Too old even for fossils, Iona has become famous for its serpentine, or Iona Greenstone, collected as a talisman for centuries. Known as Scottish jade, Columba’s tears or mermaid’s tears the greenstones are a prized reward for whiling away a day or two along the island’s shores. It’s not only enthusiastic visitors who search for it along the southwest side of Iona, islanders are just as likely to be seen wandering head down along the beaches, especially after a big gale has churned up the seabed and deposited some new delights to discover.

Iona Jewellery


The world of jewellery is a realm of dazzling beauty, where artistry and nature intertwine to create timeless treasures. One would never consider that among the many gemstones and minerals that grace the jewellery industry, Iona Greenstone would stand out as a geological marvel with a unique story. It is truly an enchanting stone, with its distinctive green hues and spiritual significance. Our handmade Iona greenstone jewellery collection including Iona greenstone rings, Iona greenstone necklaces, Iona greenstone earrings and Iona greenstone bangles are without doubt amongst our most popular jewellery items at Aosdàna.

A Moment In Time

The greenstone is a testament to the complex geological processes that have shaped our planet, and our island home here at Aosdàna, over millions of years. Iona greenstone is a type of metamorphic rock. At its core, Iona greenstone consists of a fine-grained mix of minerals, primarily composed of chlorite, actinolite, and epidote, which lend it its characteristic green colouration. The formation of this rock dates back to the Precambrian era, approximately 1.1 billion years ago. During this time, the Earth's crust was undergoing extensive tectonic movements, resulting in the compression, folding, and metamorphism of rocks.

Iona greenstone's unique colour and texture are a result of these intense geological forces. The presence of chlorite and other minerals is a clear indicator of the rock's metamorphic history, as they formed under high pressure and temperature conditions. The greenstone's exceptional appearance and geological history make it a fascinating subject for geologists and jewellery designers!  The intense and beautiful colour of this stone can be seen in our Iona greenstone ring

Scottish Jewellery

At Aosdàna we have been lucky enough to work with Scottish designers such as Hannah Louise Lamb and Grace Girvan, who have created unique ranges using Iona greenstone. Each of these handmade pieces is genuinely one of a kind. I collect each piece of greenstone myself, to ensure its quality and authenticity and these are passed to our talented lapidary artisan on the mainland who cuts and polishes them to our specifications, making sure that the finest aspects of the stone are included.

Iona Greenstone is treasured by visitors and islanders alike because not only is it beautiful but it also holds significant spiritual and cultural value. It’s believed that if you carry a piece of Iona greenstone on your person you will never drown and will be magically protected from ills. Iona greenstone was incorporated into the original altar at Iona Abbey, which dates back to the 12th century and I think that this connection between Iona greenstone and the island’s sacred history adds to its enduring appeal.

A very high level of craftsmanship goes into every piece of our handmade Iona greenstone silver and gold jewellery, and we can also cut and set your own pieces of greenstone to create a very personal piece for you to treasure. Discover our 2mm Iona coastline ring and our 4mm Iona coastline ring.


March 31, 2023