Not very! So, we recommend going to a jeweller for a professional true fitting, as measuring your own ring size will never be as accurate as going to a jeweller for a professional fitting. For our bespoke rings we do insist on customers having a professional fitting as we can't offer a refund or exchange on these items. Most jewellers will do a fitting free of charge. Even better come and see us on Iona and we will size you up! If you live in the UK and have problems accessing a jewellery shop, please get in touch and we will send you an ”at home” ring sizer, and can help you work out the correct size.

Whatever method you use, please take into consideration the width of the ring. For example, a narrower ring up to 5mm - 6mm will usually size smaller than a broader band on the same finger.

Like most UK jewellery makers and retailers we use Wheatsheaf™ for measuring finger size at Aosdàna. We can also work with European dimensions (mm) as well as measurements from the US and Canada. The following table gives a list of sizes from Europe, the US and Canada, alongside their approximate Wheatsheaf™ equivalents. This conversion chart is provided as a guide only as sizes do not cross over exactly. 

We are always happy to advise on sizing so don’t hesitate to get in touch and remember that if the size proves incorrect, except for our bespoke custom rings, we exchange any unworn jewellery within 14 days of receipt. 


Bangles and bracelets are different creatures altogether! Bangles are closed rigid circles or ovals, which need to pass over the widest part of your hand before coming to rest on your wrist, whereas bracelets usually have an opening and can be fastened directly around your wrist.

We have provided information on sizes alongside each product for you to compare with jewellery you may already have. This is the best way to gauge which size to order. So, if you have a bangle which fits you measure the inside diameter of it and multiply this by 3.14 which will give you the circumference, then check this against the information we have provided and order accordingly. For example, if your bangle is 6.3cm in diameter, the circumference is 6.3cm x 3.14 = 19.78, round this up to the nearest whole number giving 20cm, i.e. an Aosdàna size SMALL. If this all sounds too much like revisiting your arithmetic homework, then email us or give us a call and we’ll work it out for you!

If you don’t have a bangle to work from then going by your build is a good guide, so if you have a slim frame go for a small or small+ and if you are of average height and build, a medium will be your best bet, and so on.

To size a bracelet, either measure the length of an existing bracelet that fits you including any catches, fasteners and order accordingly. Or if you don’t have an existing bracelet, just measure your wrist and add on an extra 10mm to allow free movement of the bracelet and continued blood circulation!

We are always happy to advise on sizing so don’t hesitate to get in touch and remember that if the size proves incorrect, we exchange any unworn bangles and bracelets within 14 days of receipt. 

April 20, 2023