Aosdana committment to our planet & people


Iona-inspired, handworked Celtic jewellery crafted from ethical and sustainable materials.

Aosdana committment


Sustainability is definitely a journey and not a destination - a perfect reflection of the continuous line of a Celtic interlacement and its connection to the cosmos. It is a path that Aosdàna is embarking on as we discover the best ways to approach responsibility to our staff, our community and our planet whilst recognising what we are already achieving, and working towards formal recognition of sustainable standards of practice.

Respecting our world


We use 100% recycled silver in our handmade Celtic jewellery collection which emits 2/3 less CO2 than mined silver. We are moving to using 100% AgAIN silver, AgAIN silver is guaranteed to have been recycled from NHS medical X-rays in the UK.

We use conflict free diamonds in our Iona-inspired Scottish Celtic jewellery and gemstone collections.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable card and paper and our boxes can of course also be reused. We store our jewellery in pouches made from recycled plastic, which are also fully recyclable. We recycle all paper, card, plastic and aluminium used at our premises.


The islanders who we work with are our biggest asset and Aosdàna is recognised as a Living Wage employer by the national Living Wage Foundation. Island life flourishes because of our interdependence as a community. Iona is home to a thriving population and we are a lively mix of old island names amongst more recent arrivals who landed and never found a good enough reason to leave this geographical edge of Scotland.

Island LIFE


Aosdàna plays its part in island life, employing local people and offering secure employment year after year. Through its 2006 redevelopment of the St. Columba Steadings, carried out in partnership with the National Trust for Scotland, Aosdàna has provided affordable workshop and retail space for nine island micro businesses. Leased to talented Iona makers for a nominal rent, this creative space contributes to the financial sustainability of island artisans and contributes to the vibrant revival of the crafts on Iona.

For the next generation


We have a long way to go but we are enthusiastic about developing the sustainability of Aosdàna and are developing a 5 year sustainability road map which sets out our commitment to planet, people and community.

To hold ourselves accountable to this road map and make sure we are delivering on our promise, we are working towards achieving accreditation from; Living Wage Scotland, Responsible Jewellery Council, and Fairtrade for Business.

We will also work towards partnership with Diversity in Retail, and suppliers and makers who share our commitment and values.