Autumn Gold

Although most of our work is in silver, we know that some of you love the look and opulence of gold. Here, we've collated a collection of Aosdàna pieces which are made from gold, and some from designers Hannah Louise Lamb, Christina Zani and Heather Woof which are made from or feature some gold.

Iona Tideline Ring, silver with gold plating, by Hannah Louise Lamb £195.00

St. Columba's Pillow Cross, 9ct Gold £345.00

Teardrop Earrings Gold £110.00

CZ Simple Necklace Gold £130.00

Dove/Cross Charm GOLD £143.00 - £216.00

St. Columba's Pillow Small, 9ct Gold £325.00

St. John's Cross, Small, 9ct Gold £378.00

Cross Charm Gold 18" Snake Chain £186.00

Iona Coastline Ring, 9ct Gold, by Hannah Louise Lamb £560.00

Ripple Pendant by Heather Woof £95.00

Iona Coastline Ring, 18ct Gold & Diamond, by Hannah Louise Lamb £1,270.00

Cristina Zani Necklace £130.00

Cristina Zani Bangle £160.00

Cristina Zani Bangle 2 £255.00

Cristina Zani Earrings 11 £265.00

Iona Coastline Ring, 18ct White & Yellow Gold, by Hannah Louise Lamb £1,200.00

Iona Marble Cufflink, 9ct Gold £590.00

Nunnery Cross Large 9ct Gold £658.01