The Isle of Iona Eilean Idhe

The tiny island of Iona has captured the imagination of pilgrims for centuries from the early hermetic monks of the 6th century to modern day travellers seeking peace, beauty and solitude. Over the centuries Iona has been home to and has inspired poets, musicians, craftsmen and women, writers, artists and theologians. Its landscape speaks of angelic visions and ancient burial grounds, a hermitage of the sea and a place of reflection and revival.

Iona is home to a thriving population and we are a lively mix of old island names amongst more recent arrivals, who landed and never found a good enough reason to leave this geographical edge of Scotland.

Our name, Aosdàna, comes from the Gaelic word aos-dàna and is a collective term for the bards of old whose role was to record the histories and genealogies of the land, through poetry and music. Aosdàna echoes this definition by continuing the work of historical Iona jewellery designers Alex & Euphemia Ritchie and more recently, Iain MacCormick who in their own way reflected the history and culture of Iona through their craft.

Aosdàna is housed in a beautifully restored farm steading on the road to Iona Cathedral and our gallery and studio is open to the public from March to November. We appreciate that not all our customers can make the journey to our beautiful island and we hope that our online gallery still provides a warm welcome to Iona and to the heritage of jewellery making on the island.