Aosdàna Inspiration Aosdàna brosnachadh

Aosdàna's traditional jewellery is created from original designs by Iain MacCormick and his predecessors, Alexander and Euphemia Ritchie. Part of the Scottish Arts and Crafts revival at the turn of last century, the Ritchies were inspired by the rich cultural landscape that surrounded them.

The history of St. Columba and Celtic Christianity, the Book of Kells and the intricately carved medieval stones of Iona Cathedral and Nunnery are all echoed in the patterns and forms of their unique pieces, which are reproduced at Aosdàna.

Inspiration from the island’s heritage is matched with that from the fabric of the island itself, which comprises some of the oldest known rock in the world. The shape and patterns of stones to be found around the edges of Iona are the basis for a selection of contemporary jewellery, which complements the traditional ranges.

Continually inspired by the wealth of talent in Scotland, Aosdàna showcases designers working at the top of their profession. Specially commissioned Iona stone ranges and ranges inspired by Staffa and the Iona coastline sit alongside the designers’ own unique creations, all hand crafted in Scotland.