Aosdàna Craftsmanship Aosdàna obair-chiùird

Aosdàna began its story in 1996, when Iona silversmith Iain MacCormick gifted his designs and knowledge of the complex Celtic patterns to his young relative, Mhairi Killin. Mhairi established Aosdàna in 2003, continuing a 120year tradition of making jewellery on the island.

From the workshop and studio at the St. Columba Steadings, Aosdàna continues to use the same techniques as earlier Iona silversmiths to craft the original designs that have remained so popular over the years. Each piece is hand finished and reflects the care and attention only fitting to the historical legacy of the island’s craftsmen and women.

Aosdàna also reflects the present cultural and physical landscape of Iona through their contemporary collections. Here you will find a trace of the past echoing through modern designs, created using a combination of traditional bench skills and new technology.