Grace Girvan

Collecting and studying found objects from Scotland's shorelines is the starting point in Grace Girvan's creative process. The collected objects inform the colour, texture and compositions found in her jewellery.  This collection has been designed by Grace for Aosdàna, using marble and pebbles from the shores of Iona. Grace has combined the white marble and striated stones of Iona with silver and enamel to create beautiful, distinctive jewellery and by employing a restrained colour palette of soft greys, greens and blues, Grace aims to convey a sense of calm which she associates with the sea and shore.

Iona Pebble Pendant $280.80

Component Necklace with Iona Marble $423.60

Sea Green Enamel Pendant with Iona Pebble $338.40

Double Iona Pebble Pendant $345.60

Sea Green Enamel Pendant with Iona Marble $338.40

Iona Pebble Pendant with Grey Enamel and Ridged Hoop $342.00

Component Necklace with Iona Pebble $423.60

Iona Pebble Concave Drop Earrings $362.40

Iona Pebble Reflection Earrings $296.40