Filipa Oliveira (SOR)

Filipa Oliveira's work explores the ancient and traditional jewellery technique of filigree, which is becoming rare in practice, and also pushes the boundaries of this craft through contemporising its application and design.

​Filipa is based in Scotland and creates hand-crafted, quality jewellery using gold, silver and gems.

Filipa Oliveira Statement necklace with filigree clasp, 18ct gold, 24" long. $1,642.80

Filipa Oliveira Round earrings with filigree, 18ct gold, oxidised silver & citrine $442.80

Filipa Oliveira Round textured cufflinks 18ct gold-plated silver $253.20

Filipa Oliveira Filigree earrings oval & round element 18ct gold $568.80

Filipa Oliveira Round Filigree clip earrings with citrine $632.40

Filipa Oliveira Statement teardrop filigree earrings 18ct gold $568.80

Filipa Oliveira Statement round earrings with filigree top, 18ct gold $600.00

Filipa Oliveira Round earrings oxidised silver $102.00

Filipa Oliveira Oval earrings gold strip oxidised sliver $222.00

Filipa Oliveira Round filigree earrings with citrine $505.20