Aillie Anderson

Aillie Anderson’s work draws inspiration from Glasgow’s built environment particularly the modern architecture and industrial structures of the city. A graduate from The Glasgow School of Art, her work focuses on a unique combination of distinctively textured, scored precious metal alongside handcast jesmonite to create a divergence between material quality, surface texture and weight. 

In 2018, Aillie was awarded a Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council, Gold Award for Small-workers 3-D Design for her Trio of Textured Sterling Silver and Jesmonite Bowls, of which she was also granted a Goldsmiths’ Precious Metal Bursary to create in 2017.

Aillie Anderson Facet Pendant £65.00

Aillie Anderson Granite Rings 1mm gauge £55.00

Aillie Anderson Granite Rings 3mm gauge £65.00

Aillie Anderson Long Silver Granite Earrings £90.00

Aillie Anderson Medium Facet Studs £70.00

Aillie Anderson Silver Diamond Pendant £65.00

Aillie Anderson Silver Folded Granite Earrings £80.00

Aillie Anderson Silver Granite Necklace £90.00

Aillie Anderson Small Facet Studs £65.00